Channeled Psychic Readings

Channeled Readings

The experienced psychic medium Gerrit Jahn is offering private channeling sessions to answer personal questions.

The response comes from a higher spirit being, so you can get an answer which helps you on your spiritual path. This higher spirit may contact your spirit guide, your guardian angel or your soul to find out what is important for you right now.

Book a Channeled Reading

If you would like to book a private channeled reading, available in English, German or Spanish, click the button below.

These readings are given in writing, by eMail, as this is the most efficient and convenient way. If you prefer a different method such as live chat or phone, contact Gerrit before booking the reading, as scheduling a live reading is much more difficult.

Unique service offered for readings booked with Gerrit at no additional cost: Order tracking - check the status of your reading, the exact time the order or payment was received, edit your data before the reading begins, exact time the reading started and ended, and you can even view your reading online, and leave feedback to be used as testimonial.


USD = United States Dollar
GBP = British Pound
CAD = Canadian Dollar
AUD = Australian Dollar
EUR = Euro

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