Channeled Psychic Readings


Inner Light Meditation - workshops by Gerrit Jahn for acceleration of spiritual growth

SpiritFind - a directory for new age, metaphysical and spiritual sites

MediumFind - a worldwide directory of mediums and psychics

Spiritual Webrings - a webring host system for new age, metaphysical and spiritual sites

SpiritBoard - an active discussion board and community with topics from ascension, angels, channeling all the way to Tantra and yoga - an extensive website by Gerrit Jahn about channeling containing a large archive of channeled texts from angels and spirit teachers

A Circle Of Light: Psychic Readings & Angel Readings - Online since 1993, Psychic Rev. Cassandra Anaya answers all your questions; channeling 3 angels (Metatron, Uriel & Yannie) to give you the most amazingly accurate and detailed psychic readings & angel readings.

Channeled messages from 7D light beings on the coming shift in human consciousness, preparations and what to expect in the next dimension, and tools for spiritual living and ascension from Simion, the Evolutionary Collective channeled by Jill Mara.

MediumChannel - Find a top psychic or medium - the best psychic mediums and psychics as reviewed by Medium Channel, a psychic medium review and directory website with a free chat forum. - Tarot reading and numerology

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Channeled Psychic Readings - Readings by experienced medium to answer personal questions

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